Wagging the ecconomy ETC

Well, the USArian government and big business dudes are wagging the ecconomy as usual. Both sides of political philosophy cannot or will not agree or compromise enough to make any real desisions except to blame others for their dilemma ( or more accurately, the country’s).

The USArian government ( both sides ) have always found money for just about any nefarious project, but when it comes to looking after the people it seems to alway run out of funds, can’t react quickly to internal disasters, can’t afford good education and medical services, but can afford trillions for new technology ( this is not just a USArian problem). The USArian government has gone to great lengths to promote Capitalism and Democracy throughout the world throughout the last 6 decades, it took its own people to court just for being Communist, it complains about the wrongs of other countries(while denying or ignoring its own), sows discord to promote its own ideals………….yeah i could go on and on…….

The world……every single country, should really start to think, is it really a good idea to follow the USArian way…….by doing so we will always put ourselves at risk, at risk of suffering from USArian failures, self-serving policy, greed, corruption etc etc.

Whether we like what effect China’s policies are having or not, they are obviously not willing to compromise their own country just to make others happy, they know that USAria is to blame for its own mess, when China opened up to world trade they( USAria) jumped in to take as much advantage as they could heedless of any possible future outcome, they saw $ signs and their world renown greed took over.

So USAria, suck it up, fix your internal problems properly, and try not to take us all down with you,

Communism, capitalism, I don’t care, I just want a world that works.

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free or pro google translator

Here is a link to google translator, you can use the free version or get a key for the pro version
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A special thankyou

I just want to give a special thank you to the friends who I met, who took me places, shared their home, introduced me to chinese foods, did not laugh too much when I used chopsticks so poorly, gave me gifts,paid for me to do things and stay places, etc etc etc,…..
Also to those I planned to meet but could not for various reasons I’d like to express my regret, but, It was just my first time, so hopefully the future will be more kind to us all.We never know what the future will bring, but at times we can bend it to our will…….if it lets us!!
Thank you all!!!
With love, friendship, and a feeling of family
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Well, I have now returned to Australia from a very wonderful(  though too short) trip to China.
The first thing I must say is "thank you" to all the friends I was able to meet, you all looked after me so well, and were so kind, also to every one who rang me to wish me well and offer help if I needed it.
This trip was the best time I have had……EVER!!!!!
I have not met people from all nations, but, I know hospitality when I receive it, And the Chinese People must be among the nicest, most hospitable people in the world.
I did not see all I wanted to see, but…..next time I will see more, I missed the great wall(changcheng) due to a "great wall" of people lining up for the bus, school holidays is not the best time to travel anywhere.
I loved the food, beijing duck, hot pot, baked fish, frog,and many others, Hunan style, Sichuan style, Beijing style,Shanghai style, Wuxi style, wode tian a!!! such wonderful food, I even got to eat food at friends homes.
Traffic in China is a little like dancing, crossing the road at the lights or without lights, but once you learn the steps it is ok.
I have not mentioned every thing here, if you really want to know, go to China yourself xixi, pictures are nice, but being there is wonderful!!!!!!!!
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I often wonder, why do people from the U.S.A. call themselves ” an American” when there are so many countries there, in fact there are three parts to America (north, central and south).
Could U.S. Citizens be reluctant to admit their origin, is the name of their country too much of a mouth full, do they think it all belongs to them.
Makes one wonder why they try so hard to keep everyone out, after all, a Mexican is an American too…….
Possibly, they could call themselves “Usarian”, “Usan”.
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Democracy, what is it meant to be?
For all the enthusiam of democratic countries to make other countries democratic, you’d think there was some outstanding benefit for all people.
But from my limited experience, we vote for a party (political) the ones that get voted into government have a party ( entertainment).
They don’t have much propensity for doing what they were voted in for, after they get in they basically do what they want, or what they want each other to do.
They are paid far to much for a group that rarely  gets anything right. and they are too stupid to plan much further than the next election.
The economy could be much more stable than it is, but it is purposely kept unstable to allow business more freedom, and I think business has far too much control or say in what government do etc.
Democracy should be about a people controlled government, not about a government controlled people.
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