Well, I have now returned to Australia from a very wonderful(  though too short) trip to China.
The first thing I must say is "thank you" to all the friends I was able to meet, you all looked after me so well, and were so kind, also to every one who rang me to wish me well and offer help if I needed it.
This trip was the best time I have had……EVER!!!!!
I have not met people from all nations, but, I know hospitality when I receive it, And the Chinese People must be among the nicest, most hospitable people in the world.
I did not see all I wanted to see, but… time I will see more, I missed the great wall(changcheng) due to a "great wall" of people lining up for the bus, school holidays is not the best time to travel anywhere.
I loved the food, beijing duck, hot pot, baked fish, frog,and many others, Hunan style, Sichuan style, Beijing style,Shanghai style, Wuxi style, wode tian a!!! such wonderful food, I even got to eat food at friends homes.
Traffic in China is a little like dancing, crossing the road at the lights or without lights, but once you learn the steps it is ok.
I have not mentioned every thing here, if you really want to know, go to China yourself xixi, pictures are nice, but being there is wonderful!!!!!!!!
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3 Responses to CHINA

  1. wt says:

    hehe…warm welcome you to be here again!

  2. 熟悉的气息 says:

    look forword to your next traval to China!!!You should come to zhongshan !!!!

  3. Ronny says:

    looking forward to a few new places, and seeing old friends again!!!

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