Wagging the ecconomy ETC

Well, the USArian government and big business dudes are wagging the ecconomy as usual. Both sides of political philosophy cannot or will not agree or compromise enough to make any real desisions except to blame others for their dilemma ( or more accurately, the country’s).

The USArian government ( both sides ) have always found money for just about any nefarious project, but when it comes to looking after the people it seems to alway run out of funds, can’t react quickly to internal disasters, can’t afford good education and medical services, but can afford trillions for new technology ( this is not just a USArian problem). The USArian government has gone to great lengths to promote Capitalism and Democracy throughout the world throughout the last 6 decades, it took its own people to court just for being Communist, it complains about the wrongs of other countries(while denying or ignoring its own), sows discord to promote its own ideals………….yeah i could go on and on…….

The world……every single country, should really start to think, is it really a good idea to follow the USArian way…….by doing so we will always put ourselves at risk, at risk of suffering from USArian failures, self-serving policy, greed, corruption etc etc.

Whether we like what effect China’s policies are having or not, they are obviously not willing to compromise their own country just to make others happy, they know that USAria is to blame for its own mess, when China opened up to world trade they( USAria) jumped in to take as much advantage as they could heedless of any possible future outcome, they saw $ signs and their world renown greed took over.

So USAria, suck it up, fix your internal problems properly, and try not to take us all down with you,

Communism, capitalism, I don’t care, I just want a world that works.

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One Response to Wagging the ecconomy ETC

  1. RuiNing says:

    Just as an aditional thought for you, though the abouve is mainly about ecconomic issues, in regard to methods used by the Chinese Government, maybe its because it is not a democratic government( is not limited by elections) that it is willing to look further ahead, plan with more ability to see things through, maybe its not just who is doing the thinking, but whether or not the right people are there long enough to do what needs being done, doing what works regardless of philosophy, rather than the democratic room full of cats and dogs.

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