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Wagging the ecconomy ETC

Well, the USArian government and big business dudes are wagging the ecconomy as usual. Both sides of political philosophy cannot or will not agree or compromise enough to make any real desisions except to blame others for their dilemma ( or more accurately, the … Continue reading

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free or pro google translator

Here is a link to google translator, you can use the free version or get a key for the pro version

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A special thankyou

I just want to give a special thank you to the friends who I met, who took me places, shared their home, introduced me to chinese foods, did not laugh too much when I used chopsticks so poorly, gave me … Continue reading

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Well, I have now returned to Australia from a very wonderful(  though too short) trip to China.The first thing I must say is "thank you" to all the friends I was able to meet, you all looked after me so … Continue reading

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I often wonder, why do people from the U.S.A. call themselves ” an American” when there are so many countries there, in fact there are three parts to America (north, central and south). Could U.S. Citizens be reluctant to admit … Continue reading

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Democracy, what is it meant to be? For all the enthusiam of democratic countries to make other countries democratic, you’d think there was some outstanding benefit for all people. But from my limited experience, we vote for a party (political) … Continue reading

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